Type of Act:
High energy aerobatics with an elegant and graceful flare
Raggz is a creative, dynamic, and graceful low-level performer. She provides up to 10 minutes of precise, low-level, aerobatics, including Lomcevaks, Double Hammerheads and her signature “fighter pilot heart." Raggz is also available to circle jumpers with smoke for the show opener. She is professionally trained to work with media, and can provide press flights.
Falcon Insurance Agency ($1 million single-limit). Medical: Second-class.
Aircraft Type:
The Pitts is the classic airshow aircraft capable of unlimited aerobatics. The Ragged Edge is a Pitts S2B, two-seat, bi-plane of conventional design; fuselage is tubular framework with a combination of sheet aluminum panels and fabric covering, padded out with wooden stringers to give it the famous Pitts profile.
The design dates back to 1944, from one man following his dreams and working on his passion from his garage. What better tribute to the man, Curtis Pitts, than a performer like Raggz to fly one of his designs - inspiring the next generation to follow their dreams?
Type of Fuel Used:
12 gallons per flight - 100 LL
Type of Smoke Oil used:
7 gallons per flight - Shell Carnea E smoke oil or similar quality
Type of Engine Oil used:
Aeroshell 100 PLUS, 2 cases
Aeroshell 50-15, 2 cases
Hotel Accommodations:
3 Non-smoking King
1 Large SUV
1 Sedan
Hangar Requirements:
Hangar each night; no exceptions
Other Requirements:
Adequate security each day.
Table and three chairs for autograph signing and “RAGGED EDGE Wear” sales.