RAGGED EDGE Hat: $15.00

Keeps the hair in place while doing all those "flippy things"

Ragged Edge logo on the front
and Raggz's motto on the back.

Manufactured by Port Authority Signature Series
Made of dry weave fabric 70% Cotton, 30 % nylon

Color: Black

RAGGED EDGE Lomcevak Tees: $20.99

Picture of Raggz doing a lomcevak (Czech for "headache") on the back and the Ragged Edge logo on the front

Manufactured by Port and Company
Heavy Weight Pre-Shrink Cotton



RAGGED EDGE Classic Tees: $15.99
Black or White (like the RAGGED EDGE)

Complete with Raggz's Motto
"Live Life on the RAGGED EDGE" on the sleeve.

Manufactured by Bay Side
Heavy Weight Pre-Shrunk 100% Cotton



Marion Hodgson's book: Winning My Wings
signed by the author

$25.00 + $5.00 shipping

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